About Me

So, you’ve found me. There’s a ton I could say here. Some day I just might!

Here’s a few of the projects I’m involved with in some capacity:

WP Valet – This is my own company and if you run a site based on WordPress you should literally stop what you’re doing here and go check this out.  Seriously. We will change your life and rid you of any difficulties or worries you have on your site forever.

Pimp the Plugin – This is a new one and pretty fun. Working with a couple awesome folks I’ve met over the years we take on client projects with a special goal: to turn something ugly into something beautiful. For developers who aren’t savvy when it comes to color palettes or users who just need that little bit of extra tweaking – we’re here to make it happen!

Zebedee Web – The place it all started. Still around for posterity – and as a reminder. For a few years I developed websites all on my own. The branding on this page is all my awesome brother’s work. It was a fun site though the portfolio is extremely lacking – and whatever you do, don’t click on the blog ;)

Mason James Music – I wish I had more time for this gem. As a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, I love creating music. This site is pretty random but it also has a small collection of original pieces I’ve written. Go ahead and give it a listen if you’re so inclined.

Words for WP – I tend to write quite a bit. Sometimes I even get paid for it. With the extremely talented Siobhan McKeown at the helm, correcting my grammar and watching my back, it works out pretty well.

And here’s some of my various profiles on the web:


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