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Currently exploring ways that dalle-3 can enhance conversations by reflecting on a topic and then creating an image that "summarizes" the conversation.

Here are a few examples:


Generative AI automated full-service marketing to private healthcare practices

During the winter of 2022/2023, I initiated and executed an innovative overhaul of the digital services for Valet Health. Capitalizing on cutting-edge generative AI technologies, such as ChatGPT, I successfully facilitated a 20% productivity uplift in numerous digital marketing activities. These included website content creation, devising social media strategy, and streamlining the publishing schedule with predefined blog topics and bespoke imagery.

HIPAA Compliant Teleconferencing Implemented HIPAA-compliant video conferencing for emergency physician visits

In March of 2020 most facilities in the US shut down due to COVID-19. Many doctors oces were forced to be closed leaving their patients without access to live-saving treatments and medications. I led our team in sourcing HIPAA video streaming services, which were rolled out to hundreds of physicians treating thousands of patients.

Make Mason’s Fridge Friday Remote team-building project for diverse, international culture

Devised an innovative, cost-effective strategy to unify a globally distributed team supporting technical users at wpmudev.org. With resource constraints preventing the development of new software, I initiated a recognition-based game, whereby standout support solutions were acknowledged with distinctively colored star stickers.

Every Friday, these 'star' responses were physically displayed on my fridge and then shared via the company's internal blog. This engaging initiative catalyzed team camaraderie, instilled a sense of healthy competition, and facilitated collaborative problem-solving, with team members eagerly anticipating the weekly 'fridge friday feature' and deliberating over the potential meanings of the different star colors.

Farmer’s Market E-commerce (covid19) Built multi-store ecommerce front for local vendors to continue selling goods

When local businesses shut down during the summer/fall of 2020 I designed and implemented an online store where retailers could load their inventory for the week. Each vendor had their own interface. Customers were emailed a link to purchase their items each week on Thursdays and then the community set up a drive-thru location for pickup. The site allowed small businesses who did not have their own ecommerce platform to continue selling their products. The website was featured on local news media and was considered an early win during the pandemic.

I've spoken at a few open-source conferences though most of these engagements have been on the aspects of building and supporting communities and user bases within the context of WordPress:

2016, WordCamp Serbia

Mason James: What Happens After Launch?
Full Title: What Happens After Launch? Becoming a Rockstar at Support, Management, and Infrastructure for WordPress Description: Maintenance is great for seeking a bit more life out of your dishwas…

2017, WordCamp Miami

Mason James: “Ask The Experts”
Mason is passionate about remote work culture and measuring support effectiveness. Mason manages customer expectations, troubleshooting, and consulting work with the same criteria – education to in…

2012, WordCamp NYC

Mason James: Supporting WordPress
This presentation provides information and insight into what it takes to provide ongoing maintenance for a client or community based on WordPress. bbPress for a support forum and BuddyPress for cre…